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Currently we have lessons for six groups taking place at the school and one group is taking place online. Our pupils are divided according to their age, up to 12 per group.

  • Die Schlümpfe: 3 - 5 years
  • Max-Gruppe: 5 + 6 years
  • Moritz-Gruppe: 6 + 7 years
  • Die Olchis: 7 - 9 years
  • Die Glücksdrachen: 9 - 11 years
  • Die Detektive: 10 - 12 years

Online blended learning:

  • Die Online Schildbürger: 13 - 15 years

Lesson Content


The teachers, sometimes with the influence of the children, decide what topics they would like to discuss and learn during classes. This ensures the aims and objectives are met by the varying language levels in a group. Our goal is for the children to enjoy improving their language skills and to broaden their knowledge about typical traditions such as Fasching, Easter, St. Martin or Nikolaus.

Occasionally the children will work on projects together with other age groups which provides additional confidence in their language learning.

Learning Aims

Typically, the younger children’s classes cover varied topics that fall within the four seasons. From the Max-Group onwards, children are working towards extending their vocabulary & grammar and recognising & hearing syllables and sounds. From the Moritz-Group onwards reading and writing is introduced. The aim of the younger groups is to stimulate confidence, recognising sounds and words in German, which then builds the foundations for grammar, independent writing and reading and fluent speaking in Germany throughout the rest of the school groups.

Support for GCSE

The Schildbuerger-Group will support the children as much as possible with their preparations for their German GCSE-exams, where relevant topics and grammatical exercises are considered within the lesson. Alongside this the natural flow of the German language and our cultural traditions will still be incorporated.

We are speaking only in German!

We are not a formal language school and do not teach German as a foreign language, therefore pupils must have a basic knowledge of the German language to ensure they can actively take part in the lesson and enjoy speaking German.

Our Pupils

  • ...are children who come from German/multilingual families
  • ...are children who would like to extend and accomplish their German speaking and writing skills
  • ...are children who enjoy the German language and culture

Our Teachers

  • ...are native German speakers
  • ...communicate the German language and culture with passion
  • together in an enthusiastic team
  • ...enjoy making the lessons interesting and fun using a wide range of audio-visual resources and age-and language related materials
  • ...have an enhanced DBS check